New Dimensions in Production Tracking: Introducing the Trio of Applications

Web Application: Welcome to the panel where the white-collar staff's data entry, work orders, and administrative processes of the business are easily managed. From work planning to accounting, HR operations to managerial analyses, everything is controlled through this fast and user-friendly panel.

Personnel Tablet Application:

Enhance your production processes with our tablet application featuring a simple and effective interface to swiftly capture personnel data based on work orders. Gain instant insights into efficiency, quality, and targets.

Manager Application:

Designed for business owners and top-level managers, this application provides instant access to critical analyses and reports, ranging from production to accounting and human resources. Obtain all the data you need to guide your business growth with just one touch.
Explore these three distinct sets of applications that take your production tracking to the next level. The time has come to boost efficiency, expedite decisions, and optimize your business performance.